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Welcome to the Madhur Threads India Pvt. Limited.

In Enticing and Exquisite World

Established in 2005, Madhur Threads India Pvt. Limited is the second largest manufacturer of trilobal polyester threads for multi head embroidery and sewing. Promoted by entrepreneur with vast experience in the field of threads and textile.

Company History knows About History


Our Values

Result oriented products and performance based on :

  •    Our Goals
  •    Ambition
  •    Trust
  •    Accountability
  •    Customised Products
  •    Innovative Products
  •    Service Quality

Goals for long term value creation and customer delight

Madhur Threads will strive to deliver the best quality product performance. Madhur Threads will sacrifice long-term quality performance for short-term payoffs and will never use long-term focus as an excuse for short-term product quality performance.


Our Aim

We aim to accurately meet the needs of our markets across the world through the development and introduction of existing and new products. These products are developed to meet, and exceed our customer's expectations in the areas of quality and performance.


Quality Policy

Madhur Threads ensures in-house production, stringent quality control, superior finishes, routine checks on cost and innovative products.

We work hard to achieve maximum customers satisfaction with our manufacturing practices and we strive for excellence in the products and the services offered by us. Our qualitative products are provided to our esteemed customers at competitive prices to pose an example for the future.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and services. The efficient synthesis of best quality customised products is the core of our sucess.

We have, over the last few years, initiated several significant growth initatives and established a solid platform for growth in an attractive industry segment.


Distribution Network

Through strategic alliances and well established channel network, Madhur Threads has built an excellent marketing network across the country. With a network of Zonal offices backed by everal stock points located close to our major thread consuming centres, we provide easy access and deliver superior service to our customers.

We welcome interested companies to inquire or comment on any of our products. Please feel free to contact us for further information.